Houston Pool Repairs

QRF is your Quick Reaction Force as a highly recommended Houston pool repair company. Easy to schedule with fast and efficient repairs are our mission! We bring over 40 years of combined experience in the swimming pool construction industry into your back yard. You can count on us to rescue your pool with highly qualified service technicians.

We specialize in the following pool equipment repair services:


Pool Pump Repair

The most critical component of your pool is the filter pump. The filter pump draws water from the main drain and / or the surface skimmers and delivers water through wall nozzles called returns near the surface of the pool. This pool pump runs the longest everyday and has the highest impact on your monthly energy bill second only to your main air conditioner. A pool pump with a 2 horsepower motor may have been costing you between $80 – $100 a month as long as you’ve owned it.

We are happy to complete a pool pump motor replacement to keep you going, however we highly recommend upgrading the entire pump and motor to variable speed. Today’s cartridge filters perform at optimal levels under long, slow filtration cycles. When operating a variable speed pump, motor speeds are reduced by 30% as compared to its 2 horsepower equivalent. The exciting news is your energy consumption drops by 70%!

Long runtimes, cleaner water, less energy.

Pool Light Repair

The most exciting thing that has happened in the past 25 years in the swimming pool industry is LED pool lighting!

Nearly 4 years ago municipalities in the greater Houston area adopted national building codes calling for the upgrading of all swimming pool lighting to low voltage. If you’re looking to enhance your backyard, adding LED pool lighting can give you a look that simply pops. There are a lot of ways to upgrade your pool, but adding lighting is one of the easiest and least expensive ways. With different colors to choose from, you can make your pool patio look like an oasis. QRF is your source! Contact Us now to get your led pool lighting needs fulfilled.

  • No bulbs to replace.
  • Vibrant color and better coverage.
  • Nothing enhances the ambience of your entire backyard better than color LED lights in your swimming pool.

Contact us for more information on our LED pool lighting services in Houston.

Pool Heater Repair

A benefit of living in Houston is that, with a little help from a highly efficient pool heater you could swim year-round.

When nightime temparatures drop, November – March, pool heaters now rapidly heat up your spa. Our highly trained service technicians can diagnose and repair any concern from any heater in the swimming pool industry.

Similar to HVAC service we offer annual multipoint services programs including:

  • Internal and External Heater Inspection
  • Test gas pressure
  • Leak detection
  • Gas line inspection
  • Rodent infestation removal

Pool Filter Replacement

Combining new variable speed pump technology with a highly efficient cartridge filter will deliver a higenically clean  swimming pool experience. Older technology Sand or DE filters demand shorter intervals of cleaning and or backwashing.  A large sand filter has 5 square feet of filter media.  A large DE filter may have 100 square feet of filter media.  The average size cartridge filter in Houston has 400 square foot filter media. With that much filter media present, filter pressure gives you no indication of the need for cleaning. We recommend filter cleaning 2x a year minimum. With a large active family we recommend quarterly cleanings.

Pool Cleaner Repair

There are literally dozens of these robotic gadgets that we can repair or replace.

In-floor Pool Cleaning System Repair

QRF is a factory authorized service center for Paramount in-floor cleaning systems including: PCC 2000 and PV3. We We can repair A&A or Caretaker in-floor cleaning systems.

UV Pool Systems Houston

Traditional pool sanitizing typically begins with the use of chlorine tablets and muratic acid to balance ph.  Over the past 20 years the emergence of salt chlorine generators has created catastrophic long term damage to swimming pools across the country therefore we do not recommend salt systems.  A powerful UV ultraviolet water sanitizer when combined with an ozone generator makes your pool cleaner and healthier while substantially reducing chlorine consumption.  UV and ozone reduces irriating red eye, discolored hair and swimsuits and minimizes harmful chloramines linked to asthma.  It’s environmentally friendly, family friendly, and produces no harmful bi-products.

Leak Repair

Quality pool construction begins with a complete plumbing installation from the top of the filter to the bottom of the drain of each pool prior to the gunite / concrete structure being applied. Using known building standards form across the country, prudent swimming pool construction companies would pressure test each plumbing installation to a minimum of 35 psi.  Your pool typically runs from 15-20 psi. Without that test it is impossible to know without professional leak detection whether your pool is leaking underground with the pump running or from hard to detect sealing errors in the pool plaster.

If you are looking for a repair estimate following a leak detection click here to contact us.

For more information about swimming pool inspections and pool leak detection click here.

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