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For service call:

(713) 331-1101

Pool Service


Experience is Everything! Capable technicians combined with experienced management ownership behind the scenes as well. Our owner is celebrating 25 years in the pool service industry in Arizona and Texas.  Our longevity in pool building has launched us into service at the request of several clients.


Pool Service in Houston is a weekly task from March through November. For a couple months in the winter in certain environments you might be able to cut back to bi monthly cleaning however the pool may be using chemicals from spa usage. The technician that services your pool will be visiting your home every week to monitor chemicals, vacuum your pool as needed, and to maintain your equipment.


It is important to consider inevitable repairs in addition to your ongoing pool maintenance. It is imperative that we maintain o-rings, seals and valves, monitor filter pressure and clean as necessary, to prevent future failures while and solving breakdowns as quickly as possible. Timely communication with you the owner is always job one.

We have highly trained professionals to handle repairs to pump, motor, heater, cleaning systems and sanitizing or salt system repairs from all major brands.


Pool service companies everywhere in Houston. You get what you pay for! Price very often sets apart the competition, and perhaps for good reason.

Each pool is unique, and one size does not fit all so we offer several different maintenance plans to suit your needs and your budget. Pool service is literally based on a price per minute of expected time spent. The biggest variable in pricing is the frequency with which you need or desire vacuuming of your pool and spa. Our first assessment of your pool and surroundings, equipment and level of service is all it takes to get a quote.

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